Wrapping for Acadiana


So I've begun prepping my work for Louisiana; I'll be bring many copies of "Campaign One; " with me. I have a lot if thoughts in my head about it, and how my tour of the Acadian Coast should play out, but I'm sure it will be great--however it happens.

I'm packaging my circles in an issue of Mike Kelly's Kingwood Monthly--or as it was known at the time, "This is Kingwood"; I believe it is most appropriate because I was given the opportunity to write an article about Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady. It was a fun experience.

I will be bring a piece of the Lake Houston Area with me by wrapping them this way. As one could tell, the ad for Shank Wealth Management will clothe my discs beautifully with the same kindness that is offered by their great staff--one of which I have come to know well: Tammy Nigro.

I'll also have digital copies of Aquarian Floods available for sale; conveniently enough, they will stay on my key ring because of the flash drive given to me by my friend Devan Cooper Jackson at CenturyLink in Kingwood.

I'll have more details soon on how to get copies of Campaign One; and Aquarian Floods in Acadian in the next few days!