Lunch Hour @ The Porch

20130412-132507.jpgI've come to love my lunch hour on my porch a lot.

I'm finding that sleep is hard to come by when on vyvance, but I'm hoping that it levels out to the point that I'm able to put myself to sleep with no issue; even before the medicine, however, I had this problem. I'm not interested in being medicated any further than I am right now

I'm planning for--that a year from now that I'm at a good enough place with myself, my spirit, my mind, and with Jesus.

Jesus Loves You;

It can be quite a trite saying, but still remains all the more true. He is a good God who pull the strings of my heart, and fills the cup of my soul. Despite my sinful nature, he loves me all the same.

He has begun to tare away at the stone and ice sheets.