How Does One Drop Their Nets?: Deny Yourself

Sometimes we have to do the things that we're called to do without questioning the motives of the one who's given the orders. These were the words that I'd collected from my brain for over the past five years. I didn't have to go through with it; I was given the chance to opt out of the situation. Somehow I knew that this was the answer to one of the four questions I've had on my heart for the past few weeks: "How does one drop their nets?" I posed this question to Jehovah & the rest of the Trinity. Denial of self is a strong theme and commandment within my sacred text, and was spoken by Christ Himself. All those words; all those songs; all those hooks, and phrases are now dust. I'm reminded of words that have been cultivated in the flowerbed that is being prepared by the father: "When you die from what you used to be, I found who I was in the man that was left of me"--"From ashes to dust."