Louisiana: They're Trying to Wash Us Away

This weekend I will be off to Louisiana; I haven't been to my native land in since this past December.

It was last December while on the long I-10 drive that I made the commitment to the Lord and myself that I was done with drugs. I had a really bad episode that Christmas Eve day. I can remember the sounds I heard and the way that I felt; the wind was cold blowing through the open windows and sunroof. I remember the fear I had as the chemicals raced through my body: the tingle as though my body was a sleep.

That was the truth actually; I was asleep, and that day I finally woke up.
I will do my usual tour of the Louisiana coast and Highway 90. My first stop will be in Calumet: there I will see my father, grandmother, and Aunt Trudi. Continuing East I will next go through Patterson where all of my emotions and memories will begin to flood back into reality. It will be a Friday night: there should be a foot ball game going on at the high school. I think I'll pass by just so I can smell the air.
I'll probably go see Sam and then Becky before carrying on to Morgan City where I'm to have dinner with my dear friend Chase at Tampico's. It will be great to catch up with him, and do a little people watching. I will end the Friday evening at my sister Jennifer's house in Lake Side where I'll be sleeping for the night. She and I always have such a good time together. I can't wait to see her face again. She always reminds me of the value of family.
The following Saturday I will leave in the morning headed West through the Tri-City area. I stop again in Patterson, and visit the Rebardi family and Ms Linda, the woman responsible for my indoctrination. The last stop of the trip will be in Calumet. I'll see my grandmother one last time, and then... I'm getting the Hell out of there.
Returning to the Forest has always been a hard thing. The emotions have always been so mixed with the bittersweet taste of my childhood and of my high school days. So much of the life that I hate to look back on is rooted in this place.
There is also a fear of returning. The Forest is a deep dark place where danger lurks. I know where to find my ancient demons, and if I'm not careful they will find me. That's why I keep the trip short. There is no time to stand still when you're standing in the high way.
...They're trying to wash us away