After Hours Cafe

"For all you broken hearted lovers lost: go find another one." -Vanessa Carlton

I'm sitting here at a Starbucks. The cafe is closed, but I've come to know that this is really one of my favorite places. Here I've come to go through the thoughts in my head, take a break from life, and talk to the Father.

I'm writing these words in the spur of this very moment. This is something that I often found myself doing in high school whenever I would stay up in the very late hours of the night. Usually this behavior is taken to my written books where things are slightly more personal and intimate. There I'm bound by the speed of my hand writing, the ink of the pen, and the space on the page. Here, I can ramble on as long as I please.

"You can take me on a cheap vacation; I don't want to have expectations because you could be the death of me." -Vanessa Carlton

To update you all on what's been going on: I'm currently in an interview with an artist that I respect very much, and I can't wait to introduce her to the reader.

In the studio we're moving at a rather slow pace, but every moment so far has been great. I will let everyone know about the track as soon as Richard and I have finished. I'm very excited about this record, and I can't wait to start sharing the music with everyone. As we come close to the end of the whole project I will be letting the songs out to the public.

Work has been exceptionally busy. As you can tell from the previous posting, I've been doing a lot of market events, and networking for the company over the past month. It's been very overwhelming, but at the same time very exciting and rewarding.

I'll be running a half marathon in January. I'm up to seven miles our of slightly over thirteen. Recently I've come to know that my foot is not in the best shape for running. Everyone has been telling me that I need new shoes. My hope is that everyone is right. Looks like by this coming weekend new kicks will be in my budget!

I have a broken tooth in my mouth right now, and I can't wait to have it replaced.

I went to the piano store the other day; It was a Steinway dealer. I believe that I'll be looking into purchasing a Boston in the future: perhaps the distant future.

The Father is showing me things. I think it's a garden... I'm pretty sure it's a garden... I don't want to talk about it too much.

I can't wait to finish this record. I can see why people stay in the studio for so long before a record is fisnished.

I've rambled for a long while now.

Love to the Reader. I hope you enjoy this intangible existence...

Vole' T