So It Ends -- So It Begins

No words have come since the first harvest of this first season out of the wet lands.

I'm in downtown Houston, in the first coffee shop I could find. Mark is running a half marathon and I'm his support.

I walked around this city for the better part of the last hour looking for a place to get a coffee. I've landed at what seems to be a chain coffee shop. The sun is beginning to show it's face.

I feel like it's safe to say that I have stumbled upon a new phase of writing. No clue do I have regarding what his is about, but I've discovered two main themes: My inner self & Squares. There's not too much to be said really in regards to either of these, but the fact that I have two conceptional and--what I believe to be--three melodic leads is comforting and encouraging.

I am without my device this morning. What a dependency I have formed on H.A.L. 2oi0. Anxious I was to think that no one could contact me, that I couldn't contact them, I couldn't take a picture, hear music, check the map, or balance my check book.

The first runners are passing me by about a block west of me. I should leave here to get back to Mark's Jeep to meet him back with his recovery bag.

A beautiful morning its has been: And to think I almost overslept and missed all of this.

There is something profoundly masculine about running--
There is something profoundly masculine about taking care of your body--
There is something profoundly masculine about being shirtless--

I'm ready to fully begin this journey into masculinity.

"The Monolith" pg. 74
**Note that what is read here has be edited and revised from the original manuscript by the author.