Like This

I starred at you from across the room,
and in my mind I made that place our home.
In just three days it had made this be love,
As you wrote your goodbye on the back of a canvas.
You told me to look into the broken canopy of the sky,
But for the first time I said I cared and I lied.
The door opened on your body, against it I pressed the weight of mine;
Then came a fulfillment, and slowed became time.
I rolled in your linens for the better part of the night,
With my arms wrapped around you and your lips pressed to mine.
In this embrace I found that we had stopped time.
The memory’s more vague now: more than yesterday.
In my heart you were just for one night.
Now grief has settled in from where you pulled your knife.
Away from my walk of life I was, in your delight.
There is a pain that sets in because I can’t have you.
But if again I ever do taste your kiss,
Or the hair on your face
Scratches my lips
In our embrace the song would play out like this,
And I would hold you for longer.
I would hold you like this.