In March of 2009 I moved to Houston with the intentions of finding a better way of living. I’m from Morgan City, South Louisiana where there is not much more than fishing and oil to be found. I have always considered myself to be more of a liberal thinker and have strived to push the envelope while still holding onto my conservative values at my core. One thing that I found most fascinating about Houston was the radio. Two of my favorite channels in the Houston area are 88.7 KUHF and 91.7 KTRU.

Both station appeal to a wide variety of people who, in my opinion, all lean to more of the intellectual side. 88.7 is an excellent station; I enjoy classical music and I LOVE NPR, however KTRU holds a much more significant place in my heart.

As a musician I am always looking to fill my ears with new sound. KTRU is a new sound. On occasion I’ll enjoy the pop candy of 104.1, but top 40 music is nothing more than the product of an industry that is designed to be sold. 88.7 also hold some of those same values as a station. Like I said, I listen to classical music, but NEVER have I felt so compelled to go in search of a song or artist like I have when it comes to the music that is played on KTRU. This station has led me to find some of my favorite artist.

I drive customers who drop there vehicles off with us for repair to there house; so you can imagine how much I’m actually in the car during the working day. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard Joanna Newsome’s “Occident” and “Requiem for Dying Mothers” by Stars of the Lid. Theses songs have become a mark in the ticker tape of my life that I can reflect to; these artists have become some of my favorites to follow. I would have never been introduced to such fine musicianship if KTRU was not around.

Another moment that I love to recall is when I heard “Teen Angst” by M83. A friend from high school and I often exchange mix CDs to stay in touch with each other. I had only listened to the CD he sent me on this one occasion once through to get the general idea of it. The song I’m speaking of was the last track of the CD. I remember one day hearing the song on KTRU and freaking out because of how awesome it was. I emailed myself via my phone, like I usually do when I hear a good song on KTRU, so that I could go check the set list later in my free time to know what it was a download it later. I was pumped to find that it was the same song.

KTRU is a medium to showcase new and controversially unorthodox music into the Houston subcultures. Without KTRU there will be no place for this. The station envelopes and feeds youth culture and counter culture alike. When you take the food and the driving force behind these things you damage those cultures. I’m certain that I am not alone in my thinking or experience.

The music that KTRU offers is much more than any radio station on the airwaves at the moment; it would be an injustice to society to fill it’s spot with nothing more than another 88.7 KUHF.

I am very upset with idea of KTRU going off the air; I would hope that you would hear my words and that of other avid listeners, and reconsider what you plan to do with the station.