This Intangible Existence is the words & music of Terrell Brinlee, as well as the collection of supportive writings and images used to facilitate the artistic process.

What Does "This Intangible Existence" mean?

The phrase "This Intangible Existence" refers to the inner man, the spirit, or the pneuma. It is the part of the person that doesn’t exist in this realm. It's the part of the human that we can't see; it's the part of us that leaves this earth when we die; when this intangible existence is gone, the body is all that remains.

It also refers to the artistic realm, thought, and the mind's creative space. Everything that humans create exists first in the mind as an idea. The arts originate within this intangible existence

Finally, and most simply, it refers to the internet and cyberspace. In recent human history, the world wide web and our devices have become incredibly influential — this intangible existence in which we congregate. 

About the Artist

My Name is Terrell Brinlee. Since the time that I was a child, I was very interested in the arts and self expression; I was particularly interested in music and performance. In 1998 my musical education began in public school, and I was given piano lessons from from the First Baptist Church in Patterson, Louisiana

In high school I began to develop a musical vocabulary, and soon after began to write music. Outside of pop music, my earliest influences were Sarah McLachlan & Tori Amos

2007 marked a year of change in my life, and launched me forward toward a more personal songwriting style that, in part, facilitated communication with God. During this time, I also started to seek Jesus as my savior. Music and songwriting became an outlet for expression towards God, and prayer. Lyrically, the music has often discussed Christ as deity, eschatological thought scenes, and issues of lust and sexuality.

The first campaign to promote my music commercially was in 2013 with the release of the EP Campaign One;  and the corresponding digital release of the acoustic collection Aquarian Floods. Both releases included the showcasing single "Flamingo Fandango".

My personal writings have continued since then along with annual recordings. 

I am also a worship leader. The church I grew up in trained me as a pianist so I could participate in music ministry. It’s a high calling to play in the courts of the Lord, and one of the most fulfilling parts of being a musician and artist.

I believe in Jesus Christ as He is rendered in the Bible. I believe that all humanity is sinful in nature, and is in need of the grace and mercy offered through Jesus' sacrifice. 

I hope you enjoy This Intangible Existence. If you would like to contact me personally, my email address is linked below.

Terrell Brinlee

January 3, 2019