Announcing the Dark Water EP

As some of you might know, on September 9th, I went into the studio for the second time this year to record the Dark Water - EP. 


Dark water is about artistry and applying your work ethically, and honoring the artist before the entertainer by displaying its value, but not discrediting its habitual, emotional, and spiritual implications.

The music starts in late 2009 to early 2010, shortly after I moved to Texas.

I spent a lot of time with a man speaking about my early childhood and the things that have plagued me emotionally. We spoke on many things, but what this record talks about are the things that I was too ashamed to say. I wore a mask of the man I'd made myself become so that I could deal with the truth I was hiding through my blatant honesty.

The record also reflects this current time in my life, where the dangers of uncertainty and having to measure risk plague me with fear; however, by the Lord's grace he offers us the option of His repentance for the safety of resting in Him.

Like a boat on a river of water and blood, a man proceeds down the crystal waters of a tributary, fouled with streams of failure in being a servant of God, yet glorified with the streams of Christ Jesus’ blood.

One must follow the source of Jesus’ redemptive flow at all costs of obedience, sacrifice, and offering through the crystal stream, through the treacherous storm, and finally to the celestial shore of His great kingdom where His work is to be done.

At the close of the record, the river splits towards two directions, and the message is carved: which path with you take?

Dark Water EP poster 003 - with typo correction

Compilation Recording with CSR!

Last night, we had an amazing time recording the compilation record for CSR. I am so honored to be featured on such an amazing talented line up of artists. There will be more on this as details become available. 

In the mean time please enjoy this video of my new track that will be featured on the CD entitled "River Hymn".